Thursday, November 12, 2009

illusion if life

The illusion of life

What is life???
How was life started???
Is it real???
Are we real???
Is the all an illusion an imagination???
A place that our sub-conscious mind has made up???
Something that our conscious mind cant piece together…
Something our minds cant figure out between reality and fantasy…
People are skeptics of magic…
Im a skeptic of life…
One question that always revolves around my head
How do we know the we are who we are,,,
And how do we no that we are real,,,
How do we know anything is real…
How do we know that this isn’t all a dream
And when we “die” in this “life”,,
we’re not waking up in the real world…
that is the question…..


  1. A powerful challenge! I am especially intrigued by the comment:
    "People are skeptics of magic…
    Im a skeptic of life…"

    Really beautiful!
    Well done!