Thursday, November 12, 2009

illusion if life

The illusion of life

What is life???
How was life started???
Is it real???
Are we real???
Is the all an illusion an imagination???
A place that our sub-conscious mind has made up???
Something that our conscious mind cant piece together…
Something our minds cant figure out between reality and fantasy…
People are skeptics of magic…
Im a skeptic of life…
One question that always revolves around my head
How do we know the we are who we are,,,
And how do we no that we are real,,,
How do we know anything is real…
How do we know that this isn’t all a dream
And when we “die” in this “life”,,
we’re not waking up in the real world…
that is the question…..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

through my eyez

threw my eyes i see a life of
pleasure and pain
rain and sunshine
past bodies of poeple that use to be by my side
i gotta live my life
come on lets ride
but lord let me know what eles im gonna see
through my eyes

when my eyez go blind
i picture the past and the present of this life of mine
use to be around crime
i put my pain in my rhymes so i can leave my past behind
waiting for my chance to shine
got my pen and pad writing rhymes
my ambitions of making it to the top now its mine
please lord im going insaine
fixed pictures of my life running throw my brain
gor me sad with the rain
got me mad with the pain
when will the sunshine ever be mine again
im tired of being in this game
things im seeing,
friends and family leaving
ill never be the same
i should forget my loses
and remember my gains
before my strength drains
and my heart stops
and my body drops
please lord let me know what eles im gonna see
through my eyes

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

war of wordz

my pen bleeds ink lines
that for letters and words that rhyme
im all about the truth
state nothing as fact unless theres proof
ma age is 8 + 9 i might have past my prime stage
but to me my light of light is getting darker with age
love and rage
2 things that fuel a persons heart
im like a lighter thats full of gass
but is missing the spart
without an external source of egnition
im left in the dark
trying to drown my regrets
is like trying to drown a shark
i heard mistakes mean nothing if i dont regret them
thats like saying it neva happend once i forget them
i want to change but dont believe it for a second
i wish this was a war of words
so my lyrics could be a wepon
somtimes i think so deep that i could drown and die
i cant revitalize my soul
no matter how hard i try
i cry scilently
one day ill break out violently
im trying 2 be me
but theres 2 sides of me
im costantly at war
my personality is flawed
my message in a bottle is floating miles away from shore
it true you dont get a second chance at a first impression
but half the dudes i no
i met at a session
i herd life is just a game and u have to play to win
even if winning means commiting a murderous sin
that makes me think
u people are funny and just playing the part
acting for the prize
and not really true to their heart
im not smart
i just collect wisdom to make up my mind
and my dream is to see the world without time
i always put my emotoins and wat i think in a rhyme
cause i cant be stop for a lyrical crime
i wonna say wat i cant say
do wat i cant do
be who i cant be
love what i cant persue
i cant tell i lie
but i cant tell the truth
so silence is the only way i can make it through

Thursday, September 17, 2009

hip hop invasion

this is a hip hop invasion
made it through the inisiation
now we're taking iver the nation
i use to be real physical
now ima little bit older my only weaponds are lyrical

hip hop- one mans dream

in affiliation wth DECEITFULpossum

this is hip hop oriented
in history, ull will see, my lyrics embedded
for all my wisdon of this earth
its been cursed since birth
but no-one will really know what words are worth
just lay down your hatred lay down the weapons
cause everything in this world hurts